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About Us

Industrial laboratories was founded in 1945 as an in-house microbiology laboratory for a baked goods company in Denver, Colorado. As an internal division of a large baked good company, the lab was responsible for microbiology testing of the company’s products and facilities.

In the 1950’s greyhound racing became a popular national past time. In 1953 the State of Colorado decided to embrace the new entertainment activity but needed to ensure the safety of the professional greyhound athletes and regulate wagering integrity. Therefore, the State of Colorado approached the lab to conduct testing for State facilitated greyhound races.

Over the next few decades, Industrial Laboratories continued to expand their products and services in food microbiology and analytical chemistry, as well as drug testing for performance greyhound and equine athletes. In the 1990s with the emergence of the dietary supplement market, Industrial Laboratories, found a natural synergy testing products for quality, contamination, and label claims. At that time, Dietary supplements were loosely regulated and there was a plethora of methodologies of varying quality. As a response to the loosely regulated industry, the company started the Institute of Nutraceutical Advancement (INA) which created a compendium of standard methods for the dietary supplement methods. In 2001 Industrial Laboratories sold INA to NSF.


In 1994, the current ownership acquired Industrial laboratories. The new ownership wanted to continue the lab’s focus on quality, while providing innovative analysis and outstanding customer service to clients. Focused on superior quality testing and the emergence of a new and innovative accreditation, the lab sought the newly innovative ISO 17025 accreditation. The company also leaned into new testing technologies that were becoming more prominent within food and drug testing industries, such as LCMS analysis.

In 2021 the company consolidated its three lab locations across the Denver Metro area into a single 30,000 square foot location in central Denver and is now located just about a mile east of Interstate-25 and Evans.


The company was founded on ensuring food safety and supply as well as providing services to the equine and grey hound communities. Along with its testing services, Industrial Laboratories promotes its mission by remaining active in various communities, conferences, and trade shows promoting food safety, innovative testing, and equine protection. Industrial Laboratories continues to provide quality and innovative laboratory services at cost conscience prices for a wide array of clients ranging from small local mom and pop operations to large multinational food companies to state governments.

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